Mountain Biking in Killington

Southern Vermont is no stranger to mountain bikers, with ski towns like Killington attracting thousands of enthusiasts who come to explore their network of elite, well-maintained trails each year. These networks of trails provide thrill-seekers with endless opportunities to traverse through the roots, rocks, and cascading landscape of the Green Mountains. In recent years, this passion for mountain biking has evolved from pure drudgery in the woods to an atmosphere that celebrates all that Vermont has to offer. This transformation has been fueled by numerous festivals with the goal of igniting bikers' passion for the outdoors, with local food, drinks, and music.

This past weekend, on July 15-16, The Slate Valley Epic took center stage, hosting a 40+ mile, over 5,000 feet vertical mountain bike race. Located within a convenient 20-minute drive from Dryfter’s Mendon and Rutland properties, this event showcased vendors like Lawsons beer, demos from mountain biking's most elite companies, and live performances by Southern Vermont's local talent. The weekend proved to be a massive success, leaving the hundreds of people who traveled for the race completely satisfied.

As we look towards the rest of the summer and head into fall, Southern Vermont's calendar is brimming with exciting events. We are grateful that Dryfter homes can provide guests with a comfortable, fun, and unparalleled experience, no matter the Vermont journey they seek. Whether it's hitting the trails, indulging in local festivities, or creating your own adventures, Dryfter homes serve as the perfect base for an unforgettable stay.